Wednesday, 17 November 2010

ACTIVE learning

Wake up your half-asleep brain!
You only have a limited time to study- how can you get the most out of it?

The answer is ‘ACTIVE’ learning, as opposed to a passive ‘spending time’ with the book.
The formula to activate the mind is:

1)      Preparation
 - Be clear what topic you will read about in this sitting.
- Take a blank sheet- jot down 5- 10 points that you ‘already know’ about it. (Whether you know a lot or too little- just jot down some facts)
- Solve MCQs on the topic/ try recalling the definitions, formulae, etc ( YES- before you start)
- Ask yourself what you need to clarify today.

2)      ACTIVE reading
-          Search ‘chunks’ that appear important (definitions, formulae, theories, concepts, etc)
-          Highlight these/ underline/ put stars next to them
-          Did you find answers to the questions raised earlier?
-          Finish by reading a second time- jot down 5- 10 new points you discovered today.
-          These are your revision notes- carry these on small ‘trump cards’ to look at frequently

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the ‘PRE-PARATION’ before you read the topic.
If you stimulate yourself adequately before getting the book in hand- you will be actively searching for information, rather than reading aimlessly.

Try this method to activate the sleeping mind on a few occasions & you’ll wonder why it is taking less time to read the same chapters that felt drag previously.

Good luck

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