Saturday, 10 October 2015

Have a clear picture of curriculum

Some subjects are easy for you, but others are challenging
Some topics you have already mastered, but others still remain confusing

If you visit your study materials haphazardly, you won't make the most of time available to you.
Who isn't busy with other 'fun' stuff that is all around them?

If you want to save revision time, follow these simple steps:
- Make a list of ALL subjects you need to study
- Then make a list of all MAJOR topics that are important for exams
- Score each of them as EASY/ FINE/ TOUGH

Now you are clear of which topics to concentrate on & give more time
Waste no time on EASY (what you already know) topics
Spend 2/3rd time for TOUGH topics and 1/3rd for FINE ones

Revise frequently the TOUGH topics (perhaps every week) & occasionally the FINE ones

There you go.... you will make the most of your time :-)

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